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Automobile Injuries

Automobile accidents can change your life in a heartbeat. One minute things are fine, then WHAM, next thing you know the world has stopped... and you are in pain. Neck pain and headaches are the most common conditions suffered in a auto accident. But back pain, jaw pain, broken bones... even loss of life are common. Whiplash is a non-medical term used to describe injury caused by a rapid jerking of the neck either forward and backward or side-to-side. It is most often associated with motor vehicle accidents, but can also occur from falls, blows to the head, or sports accidents to name a few. The sudden, forceful movement with whiplash causes the neck to move beyond its normal range of motion. This can cause tearing in the muscles, tendons and ligaments, which support the neck and can lead to damage to the intervertebral disc, spinal nerves or even spinal cord. Symptoms include swelling and/or tenderness of the neck, difficulty swallowing, jaw problems, nausea, vomiting, flashes of light, headache, dizziness, cognitive disturbance, insomnia, pain, numbness and/or tingling into the shoulder or arm, weakness in the neck, shoulder, arm or hand, or ringing in the ears. Symptoms may be acute or chronic (longstanding). Often, symptoms of whiplash may not manifest for weeks or even years. Such an injury to the neck alters the proper biomechanics and can lead to misalignment (subluxation) and a loss of the natural curve of the cervical spine. A full 5% of the population will experience a whiplash injury, and 43% of these people will develop chronic symptoms.

Chiropractors work to correct the biomechanical problem causing the symptoms related to whiplash. A symptom-only approach (i.e. pain medication) will not correct the problem. One report examined 10,382 articles on neck injury and found traditional techniques for whiplash (collars, injections, ultrasound, medication) were largely ineffective. Several studies point to the success of chiropractic for whiplash sufferers. One found 26% were completely pain free after chiropractic intervention and the other 74% were significantly improved.

Your Doctor of Chiropractic can effectively treat your injuries related to a motor vehicle accident. As is often the case, the sooner you seek care the faster you may recover.

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