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Leg Pain/Sciatica

The Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, beginning in the low back and extending to the bottom of your feet. Sciatic type pain usually starts and feels like a burning or achy type sensation. It then can develop into a sharp stabbing like discomfort. Pain usually starts in the lower back or one of the buttocks and then travels down the back or outside of the leg. Coughing, sneezing, laughing, or straining often aggravates the pain. Discomfort can be mild, moderate or severe depending on the severity of the injury or how long the condition has been allowed to develop. When the pain becomes more intense, many daily activities such as sitting or bending become very difficult for the person to perform, prompting most people to seek treatment. Generally speaking, the sooner treatment is sought, the better the outcome.

Sciatic neuritis can have many causes. An injured disc, arthritic spurs, tight muscles or even scar tissue can cause compression of the Sciatic nerve resulting in this most uncomfortable condition. Injuries such as falls or accidents around home or at work can begin this process. Chronic long standing lower back pain also is a contributing factor. Anything that weakens the supporting muscles of the lower back and its discs such as improper lifting or poor sitting postures can set the stage for sciatic involvement.

Chiropractic treatment for Sciatica has evolved as one of the more efficient and reliable healing therapies for this condition. Instead of giving strong muscle relaxers or potent pain relievers for this problem, chiropractic treatment usually includes adjusting lower back vertebrae gently to restore better alignment for the verbebra and its attached disc. The doctor uses either gentle traction type techniques to accomplish this result, or adjustments by hand or instrument to get to the cause of the sciatic inflammation. Chiropractics methods aim to reclaim free and better movement of the spine, thereby reducing the pain and swelling from this condition. Not every patient suffering from sciatica is given the same treatment. The procedure may vary according to severity of the case. The doctor first diagnoses the patient properly to have a clear view about the possible sources causing the problem. If you do not respond to chiropractic care, a referral to the best specialist will be made.

Many times chiropractic can start the healing process in the patient so that back surgery isn't necessary. This is a wonderful benefit for the patient as time off from work and the expense of back surgery is avoided. Trying the conservative chiropractic approach first is often the best option instead of rushing into back surgery.

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