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Neck Pain/Stiffness

Your recurring neck pain has flared up again. Do you take pain pills? Do you use a hot pack or ice? Or get a massage? The smart solution is to address the cause instead of the symptoms by seeking chiropractic care. Here's why you should...Recurring neck pain is a common complaint, and an aspirin or a massage may help it feel better but only for a short while. Chiropractic care can provide longer lasting results by addressing the cause.

The Chiropractic approach is to locate the underlying misalignments of the spine and their resulting soft tissue (muscle/ nerve/ vascular) irritation, with special attention to the upper spine, neck, and shoulders. A vertebral subluxation complex (spinal misalignment) frequently causes neck pain. Much like a car that is out of alignment, your spine can not function as effectively when it is misaligned. Many people turn to chiropractic care for safe, effective treatment of neck pain with arm pain, numbness, and tingling. While this is sometimes called a pinched nerve, there are actually many causes of these symptoms.

Common causes include "trigger points" in various muscles, and irritated nerves from stiff and restricted joints and muscles. While a "pinched nerve" usually responds very well to chiropractic care, it is actually a relatively rare condition. In true cases of pinched nerve you will feel tingling, numbness, and possibly even weakness due to pressure and inflammation on a nerve from bulging discs or bone spurs along the spine. Pressure on these "pinched nerves" can cause your symptoms to travel away from the spine, along the course of the nerve. The nerves of the neck travel down the shoulder and extend into the arm, hand, and fingers. This is why so many neck problems cause symptoms to radiate into the arm and hand.

The chiropractor makes a series of adjustments to improve spinal structure, reduce nerve stress and restore proper alignment and spacing, thus eliminating the neck pain - all done without drugs and without invasive procedures.

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