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What causes arm or leg tingling and numbness? Well, there can be many causes. Most of the time it is from irritation, stretching or pinching of a nerve where it passes from your spine down to the point it reaches your hand or foot. Rarely is it caused by poor circulation.

We as chiropractors have long understood that most numbness and tingling is caused by choking of the nerve, often at the point it leaves your spine. In many cases, the person that has this problem doesn't experience neck or back pain, only arm/ leg pain or numbness and tingling or hand/ foot numbness and tingling. One of the cardinal signs is when the numbness only affects part of your hand or foot. Another sign is that it affects only one side of your body.

Doctors of Chiropractic are well trained to treat numbness or tingling, commonly referred to as neuritis or neuralgia. Many treatment and techniques can be implemented including chiropractic manipulation, ultrasound, traction, massage, cryotherapy and acupuncture. If a condition does not respond as anticipated, your chiropractor may need to refer you to a specialist such as a neurologist. However, these conditions often resolve with conservative chiropractic care.

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