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Studies suggest that children commonly pay visits to chiropractors. A recent study of children treated in a Canadian neurological clinic found that 15% had received chiropractic treatment. The trauma of the birth process, multiple falls during growth and the normal growth process often bring parents to seek chiropractic care for their children. In most cases, a chiropractic professional can determine if a child is in need of chiropractic care. Pediatricians and other allopathic medical practitioners are often asked about the indications for and evidence behind chiropractic manipulations. Without specialized training in alternative and complementary modalities it is difficult for many non-chiropractic professionals to provide advice to parents. According to some chiropractors, the following may be signs suggesting that chiropractic could be of value:

His/Her head tilts to one side

Her/His head or neck motion seems restricted

He/she has an inability to sleep for more than an hour or two

If breast-fed, he/she has difficulty nursing on one side

She/he has chronic earaches, sore throat, colic, headache, growing pains, bedwetting, and asthma

Chiropractic adjustments for infants and young children involve very mild fingertip pressure to the neck or spine. Adjustments can cause a "popping" sound when the vertebrae move, but children do not always hear the sound, and in most cases there is no discomfort.

Because young spines are more flexible than those of adults, they usually require fewer adjustments. The actual number of treatments will depend on the duration and severity of the condition. Doctors of Chiropractic are trained to work along with allopathic medicine to assist in the health of all their patients. Referral and co-management with medical specialists are the norm.

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